Motocross and Motorcycle Engine Oil.

Motorcycle Engine Oil Price in America.
Price: Starting from US$ 20

Color: Depends on the type of Engine as 4 Stroke or 2 Stroke and according to the manufacturer.
Engine Oil: Manufactured by Motorcycle Manufacturers and by the private oil companies.

Engine oil for the motorbikes.

Motorcycle oils are different for 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. 4 Stroke engine oils are manufactured for lubricating and heat absorbing purpose. 2 stroke engine oil is manufactured for cleaning the carbon deposits and to lubricate and carry away the heat from the moving components of the 2 Stroke Engine. So the motorcycle engine oil is available as 4 stroke Engine and 2 stroke Engine oil. Take care to buy the correct and recommended one from the seller. They are available as premium quality engine oil which conforms to international specifications such as SAE or JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organization) MA & MB. Most of the motorcycle makers make their own engine oil for their particular model motorcycles. For example the correct size oil will work s a cushion in between the crank shaft and the connectiong rod. It will not allow them from touching each other.

As Sri Lanka economy is in progress, more foreign funds are reaching the Sri Lanka Government. Because of this Sri Lanka Government had relaxed the import rules on Engine oil import. Now you can buy your favourite oil for your Engines at affordable price.

Also both oils are very different and have different properties. The 2 stroke Engine oil is developed to burn low in pollutants and has a low ash content.
If you fill 4-stroke oil instead of 2-stroke motorbike engine oil in the two-stroke bike, you will notice a strong smoke. After opening and if kept the oil can for long years, it may become corrosive with the moisture it was exposed when it was first opened. So buy the correct amount and use it and throw away or use the rest for any other normal lubricating purpose. Also some manufacturers provide the manufactured date on the can. Black oil from the engine is not so bad and you can compare it with the new oil for viscosity in the twin oil running device. Place good oil in one sector and the used suspected one in the other sector. Slightly allow them to run and watch the distance they cover. If it is in the recommended level you can use it again.

Sri Lanka Motorcycle Engine Oil Price.

All kinds of oil used in Motorcycles had increased rapidly in Sri Lanka. This is due to Sri Lanka's financial down fall. This had made many people to renewing their engine oil even after its due date In this way many people had ignored to check their oil level in the sump. Many had ceased engine due to no oil in the sump tank.
Sri Lanka Motorcycle service in 2024: Rs 4,800/- (Includes Engine oil change, New oil filter, Lubrication and Motorcycle high pressure wash.)

Two Stroke Motocross Motorbike Engine oil Features.

Must be able to clean burning formula to reduce exhaust smoke, carbon buildup and varnish deposit.
Good to prevent spark-plug fouling, ring sticking and exhaust plugging
Must allow to extend service life for piston rings and bearings.
100% synthetic base oils cling to metal
Cleaner burning to prevent carbon build-up
Must improved power and throttle response
Must have Anti-wear chemistry.
Should reduce carbon and gum formation
Exclusive additive to keep power valves cleaner and working properly
Able to provide extra protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals

4 Stroke Engine Oil Benefits.

Longevity of the engine-
Reduces friction, wear & tear and provide the engine a longer life.
The oil seals the clearances within the engine allowing the engine to use maximum power.
Reduces the temperature of the engine -
It cools and soothes motorbike engine under extreme conditions of heat.
The oil cleanses the engine, increasing the efficiency of the engine.
Vital role played to prevent engine's metallic parts from corrosion.
It resists oxidation & prevents itself from thickening, thus reducing friction and improving fuel economy

Kinds of oil: 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Fuel Stablizer, Shaft Drive Oil, Suspension oil, Transmission Oil.

Disc Brake Fluids (Brake Oil).

DOT 3 or 4 (Glycol Based).Most of the motorcycles and Scooters use this for their Disc brake System.
The DOT 5 oil is Silicone Based one.This is Not suitable for ABS Brakes.
DOT 5.1 is Glycol Based one: This fluid comes with HIGH BOILING POINT and can be mixed with DOT 3 or 4.

Bajaj Motorcycle Engine Oil.
Engineered to match international specifications of API SL and JASO MA2, Bajaj Genuine Oil is optimised for our signature DTSi engines of 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers. Finally configured to maximise performance by engine makers themselves, the 4T premium engine oil possesses protective properties and is available in two grades.

Supports: Smooth Clutch Control, Reduced Friction and Cleanes Engine Parts
Longer Drain Interval (10,000 km for personal vehicles and 5,000km for commercial vehicles.)

Honda 4 Stroke Motorbike Engine Oil.(

2-Stroke Honda Motorbike Engine Oil.


Honda Brake Fluid: DOT 4 Brake Fluid.
High-temperature formula for heavy-duty or racing applications. Designed for use in all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4.

Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Oil.

Yamalube 10W-40 hi-performance full synthetic.SKU LUB-10W40-FS-12.
Price: 01 Quart: US$ 14.99. 01 Gallon: US$ 48.99
Yamalube's full synthetic hi-performance oil provides superior performance, excellent durability, thermal stability and fuel efficiency. Enhanced engine performance and protection for any on & off-road application
Modern balanced formulation designed to maximize the durability of today’s advanced high-performance engine parts
One quart bottle sold in case pack of 12.
One Gallon bottle sold in case pack of 4.

TVS Motorcycles and Scooter Engine Oil: TVS TRU4 Synthetic 10W 30.

Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Oil.

Bajaj Engine Oil that needs replacement at 10,000 Km of running for its whole range of motorcycles.
10W30, 20W50 and 10W50. More. Bajaj Engine Oil in Sri Lanka.

KTM Motorbike Engine Oil.

Kawasaki Motorbike Engine Oil.

Always use the correct motorbike engine oil as recommended by your Brand Manufacturer. It may be their own product or recommended one.
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*Specifications and pricing are subject to change.