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Adventure motorcycles are very popular in the USA specially in the California State. In addition UK, Canada, Europe, South Africa and in Australia riders used go on adventure riding with their specially manufactured Motorcycles. These motorbikes are like Dual Purpose models with rider aids. Actually they used to come with bigger engine, large capacity fuel tanks and in the back they can hold bags on both sides and on the rear carriage too. Adventure Motorcycles used to have suitable riding mode selection, Ride by Wire, Cruise Control and Bluetooth connectivity along with Turn by Turn Navigation facility. The Motorcycle rider should be an experienced one, if they want to ride through different terrains and difficult routes. Some time the route may require the riders to be in stand up position and to keep the balance.

So it is necessary to keep the throttle to adjust and at least two fingers on the clutch lever. In America there are riders who used to ride more than 1,000 Km on a trip. With these Adventure motorbikes they can pass through any terrains including dirt roads, small streams, and muddy stretches which ever they think that they can go through. In India there are many Adventure Touring Motorcycles are available in this year 2022. Also in the India's Himalayan mountain range you can find lot of Motorcycle Hiring companies offer these kinds of Adventure Bikes on daily rental basis for the foreign tourists. For easy parking, these large motorcycles are provided with reverse movement (Gear) facility.

In a surprising trend in India more people are turning towards Adventure riding on their holidays. Many of the India based motorcycle producers are manufacturing medium sized motorcycle for the adventure riders at affordable price. They are coming around 200cc up to 650cc engine capacity. They are provided with onboard USB charging ports and are provided with turn by turn navigation providing Bluetooth connectivity. They will help the riders a lot in the remote areas.

As the adventure motorcycles are provided with large Engines, they may have liquid cooling and oil cooling facilities. Also two channel ABS systems for the brakes too are important for the safety of the rider. LED Head Lamps, Smartphone connection via Bluetooth, USB Socket, and other Electronic rider supporting devices are good for long distance runners.

As of 2024 in Europe, in addition to Japanese Adventure motorbikes, KTM 1190, BMW GS and Triumph Tiger models are very popular eve they are very costly one. Big bikes of 1,000 cc are available around US$ 15,000 up to US$ 25,000. These motorbikes are coming with taller suspension, upright riding position and are ready to go on Off-Road paths too. Furthermore they have Head Lights, turn Signal lights, and horn to meet the Street Legal motorbike requirements to avoid police stopping them in towns. Adventure riders used to travel in group or as club members. Most of them take out their bikes to ride during the summer time and used to pack and store their motorbikes during the winter times.

Popular Adventure Motorcycles in 2024.

  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R, 390, 890 and 2024 KTM 250 Adventure.

  • Hero Xpulse 200 Motorcycle from India.(Price in India INR 142,000/-)

  • Honda Africa Twin (Honda CRF1100L)

  • BMW R1200 GS Adventure

  • Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

  • Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

  • Suzuki V-Strom SX250 (India Price: Rs 21,800/-)

  • Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

  • Yamaha WR155R

Adventure touring motorbikes

  • Honda VFR1200X

    VFR1200X is loaded with features to. The most important being its 1237cc V4 engine and choice of six-speed transmissions. Best of all, we’re offering a ton of accessories, so you can fine-tune it to how you want to ride.
    Price: US$ 15,999 +

  • 2024 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.

    1301 cc, 140 Nm of torque and 160 hp (119 kW) into the world’s most advanced travel enduro chassis. Ready to rumble on any terrain, this mile-munching weapon is the ultimate off-road travel enduro for exploring the trail less traveled.
    Price: US$ 18,499+

  • Yamaha Super Ténéré
    Yamaha Super Ténéré

    The Super Ténéré offers a powerful compact parallel engine, wide‑ratio 6‑speed transmission, advanced fuel injection, traction control, ABS and multiple rider adjustable comforts..
    Price: US$ 15,099+

    Kawasaki Versys 650 Adventure

    Kawasaki Versys 650

    Kawasaki Versys 650 Adventure motorbike is well suited one for city streets and open highways. They announced this tourer as any time on any road in India.You will not be tired through the drive as it is provided with many rider supporting features. The main aspect of the motorbike is to provide comfort as an adventure model. It features compact 649cc parallel-twin engine, slim, upright riding position along with facility to adjust windscreen with 2 inches of tool less adjustment. It is equipped with a gear position indicator. Also GPS mount accessory available. Slim upright riding position. DC outlet and USB charger are provided with double cover for to keep tight against water.
    USA Price: US$ 8,299+
    India Price: INR 769,000/-

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Adventure Touring Motorcycles.