Dual Sports Motorbikes.

Dual Sports motorbike

Dual Sport motorcycles are very popular in the USA, Canada, EU and UK along with the Australian riders. These Motorbikes are made for to go on streets and on off road riding. This can be done without changing any of its spare parts or accessories. Dual Speed motorcycle models are provided with all the necessary parts that a rider may require to have it as a street Legal model in the USA. Those people who may want to ride only as off road model on tracks don't need many of its accessories on these motocross type bikes. They are meant for riding in the day time adventure trail. Nearly all the motorcycle companies are producing at least one model as Dual Sports with the size of 450cc up to 1000cc Engine capacity. A good Dual Sport motorcycle price may vary according to its Brand, Engine capacity, Electronic features and to its Rider Assistance facilities.

Actually the Dual Sport bikes are good for to ride in the day time and night times. Riders can take them on the streets as they are meant for the roads with their bright LED head Lights, Tail Lights, Signal lights, side mirrors, horn, meter console, muffler, and have facility to fix its registration number plate on its rear and in the front. In the early 1950's smaller motorcycles with high mounted exhaust pipes were introduced as scramblers. By 1968 The Japanese motorcycle makers Yamaha introduced the 250cc motorcycle named as DT-1 in the year 1968. You can call them as the pioneer with this two stroke engine fitted motorbike to be the first dual sport bike. The Yamaha DT-1 was designed to run on tracks and paved streets at that time. Later Honda introduced their CL350 Scrambler with special tyre, higher fitted exhaust pipes and lower gearings.

In the year 1990 Suzuki came up with their Dual Sport model DR350 motorbike in Japan. Very quickly it attracted riders in the America and in the Europe.
Kawasaki called their Dual Sport Motorcycles as Dual Purpose while Japanese Honda marketed their ones as off-road bikes. So the Dual Sport motorcycles are actually the street legal motorcycles which can ride on pavement, dirt tracks and trails. These Dual Sports models are good for the riders who want to go on exploration of lands that can have different kinds of roads and paths. KTM, Husqvarna, Aprilia, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki motorcycle manufacturers are playing lead role in the production of Dual Sports model motorcycle design and production. They are classed as light, middle and heavy weight machines with 110 Kg to 160 Kg in their weight.

Yamalube Motorsports oil.

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Popular Dual Sports Models.

2023 Yamaha Dual Sports Motorbikes.

Dual Sports

  • WR250R

    This Yamaha model is one of the best performance providing dual purpose bike. The Bike is designed to continue the adventure when the road stops and the trail begin.
    USA Price: US$ 6,699 +

  • XT250

    Here is the Yamaha model that is light, nimble, and reliable with electric start. The XT250 is the perfect travel companion - on or off-road.
    Price: US$ 5,299+

  • TW200

    TW 200 Yamaha motorbike is versatile and fun to ride! A Do It All Dual Sport Machine.
    Price: US$ 4,899+

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Honda Dual Sports.

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Dual Sports Motorbikes.