Motocross Racing.

Motocross Racing

Motocross racing in Sri Lanka is dominated by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. They are the important people to conduct Motocross Events in Sri Lanka along with Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders (SLARDAR). Also many Sri Lanka youths are involved in this thrilling sports event. On the other hand this racing is an expensive one as the machines and their maintenance are very costly one for an average Sri Lanka. Furthermore the rider’s safety gears and apparatus too are very costly. Lot of people are interested in these motocross competitions in Sri Lanka. Thousands of spectators used to attend the competitions and most of them are telecasted in TV’s Live. Most of the local riders used to ride 125cc, 250cc and 450cc with Two Stroke or Four Stroke Engines. 250 and 450cc are the two main groups in the racing events. Mean while junior competitors too used to participate using the under 85cc Motorbikes. So far no electric motocross bikes are not in the field in Sri Lanka. In the Sri Lanka motocross events foreign riders too used to participate along with the local riders. Mean while lot of Sri Lanka motocross riders used to take part in the Asian level competitions. Sri Lanka police used to apprehend sound polluters with motorbikes on the public roads. Currently Gasoline shortage and high cost of Motocross Bike's spare parts are making the sports slow.

Vijayabahu Motocross - 2024.

Date and Time
Sun Mar 31 2024 at 08:30 am.
Boyagane Race Track, STT Auto Pvt LTD, Kurunegala Road, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka,Wilgoda, Sri Lanka.

Vijayabahu Motocross, the premier motor racing event hosted by the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment and the Sri Lanka Racing Riders Association. The event is taking place for the 18th consecutive year at the illustrious Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment premises in Boyagane, Kurunegala.

France to Host Motocross of Nations in the year 2026.

The Infront Moto Racing has announced that a deal with the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) has been signed. This to continue hosting of the FIM Motocross World Championship round in France for the next six years. Inaddition France will host the FIM Motocross of Nations within the country for 2026.

For the tracks, France has St. Jean d'Angely, Ernee, and Villars-sous-Ecot through in the last decade as locations to host Grand Prix. Ernee was scheduled to host the 2020 FIM Motocross of Nations and later it was cancelled last June.

Motocross Riders.

Sri Lanka Motocross riders mostly prefer Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and TVS Models that comes with 2 stroke Engines. Also there are Sri Lanka riders who are using the world renowned motocross bike Hasquvarna and TCS too in the Sri Lanka Motocross circuits.

Sri Lanka Motocross Tracks.

Nuwera Eliya Motocross
Fox Hill Super Cross
Gajaba Super Cross
Southern Super Cross
Vijayabahu Motocross
Commando Supercross

Fox Hill Super Cross.

Fox Hill Supercross is the biggest event in the Sri lanka's sports calendar where riders are opened to test their riding skills, speed and endurance during the popular event. The event is organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Sri Lanka Automobile Sports and Sri Lanka Motorcycle Federation. The Sri Lanka Hutch is the Title Sponsor. The Fox Hill Supercross with 28 events took place at the Military Academy Track in Diyatalawa. The event was introduced in the year 1993 and for this year 2022 event surprising 350 car drivers and motocross Riders had submitted their entries to participate in this event. On the Drivers' section Champion Driver Silva is competing against Ushan Perera and Kushan Peiris, On the Motocross sector Ishan Dassanayake along with Buddhika Kasun Silva, Ivon B. Gurusinghe and Jacques Gunawardene are competing in the thrilling motocross sector. MXRacing Motorcross bikes up to 125cc 2 Stroke, up to 250cc 4stroke along with MX Racing Motocross up to 85cc for Under-16 in the motorcycle category. For the Super MotoRad Open event engines of 250cc up to 1100cc (2 stroke and 4 stroke) can participate.

Visitors need to buy Entrance tickets. They are available at Rs 3,000/-, Rs 2,000/-, Rs 1,500/- and Rs 100/-

Motocross Events.

Kanway Circuit meet at Meerigama on June 22 and 23,
Cavalry Supercross on July 6 and 7,
Commando Challenge Super Cross on August 3 and 4,
Katukurunda Circuit meet on September 7 and 8,
Colombo Super Cross on September 21 and 22
St. James’ Hill Climb on October 26 and 27.
Bandarawela on December 10.

State Television Rupavahini.used to broadcast the events live.

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Upcoming USA Supercross Events.

  • Waiting for Official Information on the events.

Monster Energy Supercross.

  • Round 1 / Anaheim, CA / Jan 06, 2024.
    2 / San Francisco, CA / Jan 13, 2024
    3 / San Diego, CA / Jan 20, 2024
    4 / Anaheim, CA / Jan 27, 2024
    5 / Detroit, MI / Feb 03, 2024
    6 / Glendale, AZ / Feb 10, 2024
    7 / Arlington, TX / Feb 24, 2024
    8 / Daytona Beach, FL / Mar 02, 2024
    9 / Birmingham, AL / Mar 09, 2024
    10 / Indianapolis, IN / Mar 16, 2024
    11 / Seattle, WA / Mar 23, 2024
    12 / St. Louis, MO / Mar 30, 2024
    13 / Foxborough, MA / Apr 13, 2024
    14 / Nashville, TN / Apr 20, 2024
    15 / Philadelphia, PA / Apr 27, 2024
    16 / Denver, CO / May 04, 2024
    2024 Supercross Championship Final / Salt Lake City, UT / May 11, 2024
  • Monster Energy.

SCORE World Desert Championship.

Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders – (SLARDAR)

SLARDAR was formed in July 1983 by drivers and riders associated with motor sports racing in Sri Lanka. What prompted the formation of SLARDAR was that other motor sports clubs at that time were paying scanty regard to the sport and did not heed to the genuine grievances of the competitors and the expectations of a large number of motor sport enthusiasts.

Guide to Beginners on Motocross from AMC.