Honda XL 250, XR250 Motorcycle.

Honda CRF450X

Honda XL250 Specifications.

  • Engine: 248cc air-cooled OHC single
  • Power: 20hp @ 8,000rpm
  • Top speed: 80m/h
  • Transmission: 5-speed, chain final drive
  • Weight: 287lb
  • Mileage: 50 m/g

Honda XL250 (Used) price: US$ 5,000

Honda XL250 is an air cooled four-stroke 250 cc Motorbike manufactured by Japan's Honda Motorcycles. The motorbike came to the market in 1972 and Honda decided to stop the production of this motorbike by the year 1987. XL250 can produce 24HP @ 8,000 rpm. The fuel tank is in good size with the capacity of 9.5 Lts. Actually this XL250 is a Dual Sport bike or you can call it as an Enduro bike. This have the look of a superior Motocross bike but actually this is a street legal bike with ON and OFF-Road capability. Starting is done only through Kick Start while battery and coil used for ignition. Its weigh around 135 kg. The model was discontinued in the year 1987.Later Honda started to release other top quality models for Off road riding and for competitions. From 1972 till 1986 Honda XL250R motorbike was in the production line. Later in 1992 Honda produced XR250L and XR650L the street legal bike with the basics of the XL series. The 1980 XL 250 Motorbike was introduced with few changes; however during its production the rear chain tensioning facility was added as a new feature. 2024 Honda models are available all over the world as used ones. Honda is still supplying spare parts for these models throguh their dealers. These Honda 250cc powered Motocross models are still going high in demand in Sri Lanka.

As many older versions has been retired in the 250 Trail Sector Honda has unveiled these models.
Honda CRF250F USA Price: $ 4,899
CRF250RX USA Price: $ 8,599

2024 TRX250X America price: US$ 5,299

Earlier XL250S had 23-inch front wheel, rear twin shock, and 6-volt electrical system. Later the model was upgraded with rear brakes in a larger hub with a modified 5 plate clutch and with twin Speedo and Tachometers.

2024 Honda Off Road models.

CRF250RX Price: US$ 8,599
XR650L Price: US$ 6,999
CRF450X Price: US$ 9,799
Honda CRF250F Price: US$ 4,899
CRF230F Price: US$ 4,349
Honda CRF125F Big Wheel Price: US$ 3,799
CRF125F Price: US$ 3,399
Honda CRF110F Price: US$ 2,599
CRF50F Price: US$ 1,699


The CRF 450X was designed to provide the best Off-Road Excellence for the riders. The four stroke Honda CRF450X is the choice of most of the Baja champions and woods professionals. This is light weight and awesome power producing premium bike with 6 gears. Lots of new upgrades had been done to this motocross bike including all-new aluminum frame.

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