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Honda XR 250R

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Honda XR 250R is one of the greatest motorcycles that are being produced by Honda, Japan for the world market. Currently these motorcycles are running in perfect condition and got good price values for them in Sri Lanka. Visiting Tourists in Sri Lanka used to hire these Bikes to ride as an Enduro motorbike to tour here. This Honda XR250R was first introduced in the year 1979, and originally the Engine was equipped to the XL250S model with some variations from the 1978 model. In the year 2004 its production was stopped. Anyhow the 1984 model appeared with a new modified engine that was nick named as "Radial Four Valve Chamber" (RFVC) engine.

Currently a Honda XR250 1998 model Motorbike is being sold at Rs 560,000/- and at the same time Honda XR 250 2016 year model Motorbike is for sale at Rs. 950,000/- in the second hand Motorcycle market in Sri Lanka.

Its 250 cc RFVC engine had a bore and stroke of 75 mm × 56.5 mm, but in the year 1986 it was changed to 73 mm × 59.5 mm. Also in the year1986 a large, single carburetor was introduced by replacing the dual progressively opening carburetors of the previous year models. In 1996 the engine of the XR 250R, made an output of 19 hp @ 8100 rpm. A new crankcase with better engine mounts for a stiffer chassis with smaller exhaust valves were added to it. The engine had an improved automatic decompression facility for to start it easy. The Honda XR250R proved to be a reliable and likable motorbike. It is marked as a successful motorcycle as an entry-level off-road machine. The XR250R was discontinued after 2004 and other high performance Trail motorcycles were introduced by Honda with Fuel Injection, Dual channel ABS and with many other latest features..

Engine: Air cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke
Displacement: 223 cm3
Bore X Stroke: 2.5x2.6 in OR 63.5x66.0 mm
Compression Ratio: 9:1
Horsepower: 18/7500 KW(hp)/RPM
Torque: 14/6000 lb-ft/RPM OR 19/6000 Nm/RPM
Fuel System: Injection

Honda XR 250L (Legal Street)

Honda XR 250L came as the street version of the XR250R. The motorbike was built to meet the USA Department of Transportation regulations as street legal motorcycle. They were sold not only sold in the USA but were shipped to most of the developed countries in the world. The model was provided with road legal lights and tires, a steel fuel tank, keyed ignition/steering lock, lower seat height and some other minor changes.

With its little heavy weight, it was recommended for street use only and was not selected for trail runs. Some 40 lb (18 kg) heavier, it had reduced off-road ability. This model had the same engine as of XR250R's RFVC 249 cc engine, but it was provided with different carburetor and 3 mm smaller exhaust headers to meet emissions requirements. It was manufactured from 1991 till 2007.

A Brazilian equivalent model named XR 250 Tornado was produced from 2001 to 2009 for the local market and regional exports to other South American countries including Mexico and Central America. It was built for exports only till the year 2012. It had the same 4-valve DOHC air-cooled single Engine fitted to the CBX 250 Twister/CBF 250, but the exhaust was dimensioned to improve low-end torque with the sacrifice of 1hp resulting in a 23hp power.

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